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Configuring the Initial Setup

Connecting to a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card is easy right out of the box. Default settings that are enabled include DHCP, SLP Discovery, DNS SRV Discovery and Accept Any Client allow easy first time connections for many networks. For simplicity, basic network and audio settings are available on the Initial Setup page of the AWI. You can access this page from the Configuration > Initial Setup menu. The AWI's Initial Setup page contains the audio, network, and session configuration parameters that you should set before a PCoIP endpoint can be used. This page helps to simplify initial setup and reduce the time for new users to establish a session between a PCoIP client and PCoIP Remote Workstation Card.

If configured in the firmware defaults by the manufacturer, the Initial Setup page appears the first time you log in. After you click Apply, the Home page appears for subsequent sessions unless the firmware parameters are reset.

Complex environments require further configuration

More complex environments that use host discovery or endpoint management systems require further configuration than is available on the Initial Setup page.

Initial Setup

Initial Setup Page


The two audio parameters for audio on the Initial Setup page will allow audio from a device attached to a PCoIP Zero Client be played from the host PC. These are the same parameters found in the separate Audio page

Enable HD Audio allows the audio hardware on the PCoIP Zero Client to be used when connecting to a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card. When disabled, the audio hardware is not available for the host operating system to enumerate.

Enable Audio Line In allows the use of the line-in connector on a PCoIP Zero Client so an audio device can be plugged into a PCoIP Zero Client and played on the host PC. When disabled you can use the line-in connector as a microphone input.

Microsoft Users

If using Microsoft® Windows Vista, Windows 7, & Windows 8, please ensure you do the following for this feature to function correctly:

  • Run regedit.

  • Search the registry keys for PinConfigOverrideVerbs and delete these registry entries.


The Network parameters on the Initial Setup page allows you to enable DHCP or manually configure network settings, allowing you to connect to your network quickly. For more detailed network configurations, see Configuring Host Network Settings where you will have additional options.


Accept Any Client allows any PCoIP Zero Client or PCoIP software client to connect to the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card. If your deployment requires a connection from a specific client, you have the option of entering its MAC address here. For more secure settings when connecting from a PCoIP client, see Configuring a Session.