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Using Saved Connections

Once you have saved a connection, you can use it to reconnect quickly.

To reconnect using your saved connection:

  1. Launch the Software Client for macOS.

  2. If you have saved connections previously, you will see them displayed now. The names shown here are the connection names you provided.

    Click the connection you need; you will proceed immediately to the authentication screen and then to the requested desktop.

    Tip: Filtering results

    If you have a large number of saved connections, you can filter the connections shown by typing keywords in the search bar at the top of the window.

    Tip: Revealing saved connection URLs

    If you need to see the connection URL associated with any of the saved connections, hover your mouse pointer over it. The URL will be shown in a tooltip.

To edit or delete a saved connection

To edit or delete a saved connection, click its gear icon (found on the right end of the connection button) and choose the desired action from the dropdown menu.