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What's New in This Release

Release 24.03 of the Software Client for Linux includes:

Simplified Update Experience Ensures that Clients Are Always Up to date

Version 24.03 introduces a simplified experience for updating Anyware clients. Clients are now equipped to check for new updates and send notifications that appear as banners if an update is available. Clicking the banner redirects to the product download page, from where users can download the client installer.

This allows users to access the newest client version with new features and improvements with minimal intervention. For more information, see Downloading the Linux Update.

Alternative Approach Ensures Added Security While Launching Anyware Client

When invoking the Anyware Client via the Command Line, the command line parameters can be viewed in the shell history or process list. To prevent this, the ability to protect sensitive parameter values while launching has been introduced in Anyware Client 24.03.

This is accomplished with the new --ask-extra-args-as-json parameter, which enables the user to pass parameter values to the pcoip-client process via Standard Input. With this new approach, sensitive parameter values are not stored in the shell history or process list, thereby ensuring enhanced security while launching the client. For more information, see Securely Passing Parameters via the Command Line.

Smart Card Authentication for Enhanced Security

Version 24.03 of the Linux Client introduces support for smart card authentication. Linux client machines can now connect to Windows agents using smart cards for authentication and SSO (single sign-on). Additionally, Linux clients can read and process smart card information for in-session tasks such as document signing.

Smart card authentication not only adds a layer of security, but also ensures simplified identity management while accessing PCoIP deployments. For information on supported smart cards and readers, see Supported Smart Cards & Readers. To know how to connect to Windows agents using smart card authentication, see "Using Smart Card Authentication to Connect to a Session" in the Using a Smart Card to Authenticate a Connection topic.

Note: Supported Deployments

Smart card authentication is only supported in deployments where Linux clients connect to Windows Standard agents or Windows Graphics agents.