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Printing Support

Anyware Clients support the following printing options:

  • Printing from the Local Machine: This option permits jobs created on host machines to be printed using printers connected to the client machines. Documents can also be printed on printers in the Anyware client's local area network.

This method is suitable for printing when the host and the client are not on the same network, such as in multi-site organizations.

  • Printing from a USB Printer: This option permits jobs to be printed on USB printers that are connected by means of the USB Bridging feature. USB printers are typically attached to Anyware clients, but are redirected to the remote host.

The following options are also available for printing:

Note: Default Printing Options

The printing options described below are default options, independent of the client software.

  • Printing from the Agent Machine: This option permits jobs to be printed on printers that are connected to the agent machines.

  • Printing Using a Cloud Service: This option permits the use of an external cloud service, such as Google Print, for processing print jobs created on host machines. The use of an external cloud service allows for the use of shared printers on the client's network without the need for installing device drivers. Prior to using, the external cloud service must be correctly configured.

Support for these methods depends on the Anyware agent and the Software Client for Linux it connects to. The Software Client for Linux printing support is as follows:

Windows agents Linux agents macOS agents
Printing from the Local Machine
Printing from a USB Printer
Printing from the Agent Machine
Printing Using a Cloud Service