Azure Virtual Desktop

From version 2021.07, the Software Client for Linux for Linux supports connections to both PCoIP and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) sessions on Ubuntu 20.04. Users can choose to use the PCoIP protocol when connecting to remote desktops for high performance graphics-intensive workloads or use AVD for less graphics intensive, multi-session workloads via the RDP protocol.

The AVD Client uses RDP protocol and does not require a PCoIP Agent to be installed for basic connectivity to AVD. The PCoIP Client requires installation of a PCoIP Standard Agent or Graphics Agent.

Connections with RDP are brokered by Azure, and are authenticated using the Microsoft Account linked to your Azure profile.

When using the Software Client for Linux to connect to AVD using RDP, the following features are supported:

  • Support for single display.
  • Support for windowed and full screen modes.
  • Keyboard and mouse inputs.
  • Audio output for stereo only.

See Connecting to Azure Virtual Desktops and Azure Virtual Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts for more information on using the PCoIP Software Client with AVD.