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PCoIP Client Logging

The Software Client for Linux writes log files that document its processes and interactions with other services such as brokers and agents. These files are invaluale in diagnosing problems. This page describes how logs are handled and where they can be found.

Log Location

Client logs are placed in /tmp/Teradici/<Username>/logs/ by default. Log locations can be overriden via launch configuration if required.

<Username> is the name of the user that launched the client.

Log Levels

Log verbosity is defined by a level, respresented by an integer from 0 to 4:

  • 0: Critical messages only
  • 1: Error messages and higher
  • 2: Info messages and higher (default)
  • 3: Debug messages and higher
  • 4: All messages (maximum verbosity)

The default setting is 2, recording informational messages and higher.

The log level can be changed in any of the following ways:

  • Via command-line launch: This method provides the log level inline during a command line launch; see Log Level in the configuration section for details.
  • Via the client UI:
    1. From the client's menu icon, click Settings.
    2. Set the log level as desired.
    3. Click Save.

Tip: Reporting issues to support

When you are reporting an issue to support, set the log level to 3 (debug) first, and then reproduce the issue and create a support bundle. This will capture much more detail than the default setting, making diagnostics more effective.