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Brokering Remote Workstation Card Machines

You can use the Standard Agent for Linux to provide brokering capabilities for your Linux Remote Workstation Card machines.


Configuring your Anyware Zero Client's connection mode as described here will disable direct-to-host connections.

Remote Workstation Card Desktop Requirements

The following requirements are specific to the Standard Agent for Linux when installed on Remote Workstation Card machines:

Operating System RHEL/CentOS 7.7 only
Remote Workstation Card Firmware 5.1.0+
Remote Workstation Card Software for Linux installed version 4.8.0+

Install the Standard Agent for Linux

Before you begin, confirm that your Remote Workstation Card and Remote Workstation Card Software are properly installed.

  1. Confirm that you can create a direct connection from a Anyware Zero Client to the Remote Workstation Card machine. After verifying, disconnect the session.

  2. Install the Standard Agent for Linux, using the procedure [here].

    Important: Don't reboot yet

    The installation procedure will tell you to reboot the machine in step 9; don't reboot it yet. We'll do that in a moment.

  3. Open /etc/pcoip-agent/pcoip-agent.conf in a text editor.

  4. Add the following line:

    pcoip.server_type = "RWC"
  5. Save the file and close the editor.

  6. Reboot the desktop.

  7. Configure the Zero Client Session Connection as follows:

    • Session Connection Type: PCM or AutoDetect
    • Server URI: <Host IP address or fqdn>
  8. Confirm your configuration by establishing a brokered connection.