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Troubleshooting License Issues

HP includes a license validation utility that scans your local system and any connected physical or cloud-based license servers for active licenses, and informs you of when your license subscription expires. For more information, see FAQ - Licensing HP Anyware in our Knowledge Base.

To run the license validation tool, type:


For more detailed information on pcoip-validate-license, type:

man pcoip-validate-license

To list your licenses and their expiration status, type:


For more detailed instructions on pcoip-list-licenses, type:

man pcoip-list-licenses

Tracking Usage Over Time

Local License Server users can use our open-source script, which displays the maximum HP Anyware license concurrent usage for a license server over time. For more information, refer to our Github page.

Cloud Licensing users can write a short script that runs pcoip-list-licenses periodically (for example, every 60 minutes) on any Anyware agent machine to track license usage.