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Installing the Anyware Standard Agent for Linux on Ubuntu

Before you proceed with installation, a few prerequisites must be met.


These instructions assume you have already built the remote desktop machine, and that the machine meets the agent's requirements.

Important: A desktop environment is required

Before proceeding, install a desktop environment of your choice. Kubuntu distributions are bundled with KDE; you can install KDE from other distributions by using this command:

sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop

To install Mate Desktop, use this command:

sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-desktop

These commands are provided as a convenience; there is no requirement for KDE or Mate Desktop. Any desktop environment will work.

A few other things to confirm before proceeding:

  • SSH must be enabled.

  • You must have a license registration code for the agent instance from HP (as part of a HP Cloud Access subscription).

  • The desktop machine requires the following ports to be open: TCP 443, TCP 60443, TCP 4172, and UDP 4172.

  • You must have super user (root) privileges and be able to issue sudo commands.

  • If you are using a Local License Server, Local License Server, you'll need to know it's URL and port numbers.

Important: Protect your license registration code

The license registration code you receive from HP is unique to your organization, and should be protected as you would any sensitive data.

Be careful that you do not inadvertently expose your registration code in forums or other public areas by pasting log messages without redacting sensitive information.

Installation Overview

Once your prerequisites are in place, you can proceed with installation. Here's a brief overview of the process:

  1. Connect to the machine using SSH.

  2. Install the Anyware Agent.

  3. If required, configure the agent software.

  4. Disconnect the SSH session.

  5. Connect to the desktop using a Anyware client.

If you're ready to start, connect to your machine with an SSH client and proceed to Install the Standard Agent for Linux.