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USB Overview

The Standard Agent for Linux provides support for USB devices and certain Wacom tablets attached to Anyware clients.

USB bridging must be explicitly installed

When installing the Standard Agent for Linux, you must explicitly enable support for USB bridging by installing the required USB dependencies yourself. Refer to the installation steps for Ubuntu and RHEL or Rocky Linux for the required commands. If the required USB dependencies are not installed, the Standard Agent for Linux will be incapable of bridging USB devices.

This requirement does not affect support for keyboards, and mice or other pointer devices. It does not affect Wacom tablet support.

If the required USB packages are installed, USB bridging support is enabled by default. Administrators can disable or configure USB behavior by changing configuration options.

Keyboards, mice, and other pointer devices are managed by Anyware clients, and are always allowed.

Xbox One Controller Support

The Standard Agent for Linux supports Xbox One controllers when attached to Anyware Zero Clients.

Supported by Anyware Zero Clients only

This feature is supported only by Anyware Zero Clients. It is not currently supported by Anyware Software Clients.

The following Xbox One controllers are supported:

  • Xbox One 2015
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One S
  • Xbox One Bt
  • Xbox One Elite