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Pearson VUE and Teradici Collaborate to Advance Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Center Select Channel Operations

 Multi-year engagement included a dedicated Teradici team working alongside Pearson VUE to integrate Teradici Cloud Access Software into Pearson VUE’s Authorized Test Center Select channel around the globe.

Bloomington, MN and Burnaby, Canada (June 18, 2020) – Pearson VUE, the global leader in computer-based testing, and Teradici®, the creator of industry-leading PCoIP® technology and Cloud Access Software, today announced a collaboration to integrate Teradici’s Cloud Access Software with PCoIP technology into Pearson VUE’s test center applications.

The collaboration advances Pearson VUE’s already dynamic global channel management capabilities with added efficiency for managing its complex third-party Select authorized test center network around the globe.

Teradici’s technology solution enables seamless delivery of Pearson VUE’s high-stakes professional exams from centralized cloud locations to the third-party Select test centers, while preserving their industry-best candidate experience and security.  With Teradici’s solutions implemented, Pearson VUE can set up new Select test centers faster than ever, while maintaining high levels of security to protect the integrity of the high-stakes exams being delivered. Exams and testing applications can be accessed and updated more efficiently to the Select test center locations around the world, with some updates now taking a quarter of the time.

Managing a global test center network around the globe comes with significant variability in network connectivity and quality across different test center locations. Teradici’s PCoIP technology compresses, encrypts, and transmits only pixels to the test center endpoints, providing a consistent and high-quality user experience across different geographies, even under the most challenging network conditions. 

“We continuously work to streamline our process for test center application updates and security and make it easier for our Select test center operators to focus on testing, not IT management,” explains Mike Nealis, Vice President, Information Security, Pearson VUE. “Our collaboration with Teradici to integrate Cloud Access Software and transition aspects of our test delivery to the cloud enables us to quickly centralize and scale our third-party Select test center applications and security operations. This allows our teams and test center operators to focus on what we do best — providing highly secure, top quality testing experiences to our clients around the world. Teradici is a game-changing cloud management accelerator that not only significantly reduces time-to-market for managing the channel, but also improves our operational efficiency in handling the complexity and disparate nature of our Select test center business”.

“Pearson VUE is a driving force in advancing global testing across all facets of their business, and by implementing the Teradici cloud management solutions, they’re demonstrating the value available to companies who are willing to think differently about how they deliver and manage information and services to widely dispersed remote sites,” says David Smith, CEO for Teradici. “The operational advantages gained reinforces the potential benefits available to any organization with similar operational dynamics”.  

The multi-year engagement to integrate Cloud Access Software into Pearson VUE’s Cloud Control Technology and its deployment to its global test center network is supported by a dedicated Teradici team of cloud, networking, and remoting experts who work alongside Pearson VUE to assess networking, bandwidth, firewall, peripheral, and other site-specific requirements in its test centers, and has been integral to the success of the collaboration between Teradici and Pearson VUE.

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Teradici is the creator of the PCoIP® remoting protocol technology and Cloud Access Software. The company’s core mission is seamless and secure delivery of workstations and applications for end users. Teradici PCoIP technology and Cloud Access Software offer the most secure remoting solutions for public, private, and multicloud environments, enabling visualization of even the most graphics-intensie applications. The company’s solutions are deployed by Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, and service providers around the world.



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