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Our PCoIP® technology securely delivers applications or entire workspaces from the cloud or your data center to any endpoint.

Whether you are migrating to the cloud, managing zero clients or building something new, we can help.

PCoIP (PC-over-IP) is a display protocol that encrypts and transports pixels to user devices with unrivaled quality.

With over 13 million endpoints deployed around the globe, PCoIP solutions are relied on daily by industries like media & entertainment, oil & gas, design, finance, government and healthcare. Why? Only PCoIP technology can deliver secure and lossless visualization from private data centers, public clouds or multicloud environments.

The protocol transfers only image information in the form of pixels, so no business information ever leaves your cloud or data center.

PCoIP technology is designed to deliver a high performance user experience for knowledge workers and power users using even the most graphics-intensive applications.

Create virtual environments on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or your own on-premise infrastructure. With multicloud support, you have total control. Deploy and manage entitlements from any combination of public or private data centers.

Teradici All Access

Exclusive access to software, support and resources from the inventors of PCoIP technology

With Teradici All Access plans, you’ll get a complete set of remoting solutions for knowledge workers and power users, enabling lower IT costs and administrative time while giving your team the flexibility to work any way they need to.

Teradici All Access

Securely deliver workspaces and applications from private data centers, public clouds or any combination of the two

Migrate your existing applications, mobilize your creative teams or leverage the power of GPUs in the cloud. All Access gives you the resources, support and software to realize your vision, on your terms.

Manage, optimize and future-proof your PCoIP hardware

Rest easy knowing that your deployment is up-to-date, managed efficiently and supported by the inventors of PCoIP technology. With expanded support for multicloud environments, PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards and Zero Clients, you can be certain that your infrastructure is agile enough to evolve and scale painlessly.

Manage and Optimize

All Access subscribers get exclusive access to:

  • Cloud Access Software
  • PCoIP Management Console Enterprise
  • Resources, support and access to the team behind PCoIP technology
  • Software, firmware, and brokering tools for PCoIP Zero Clients and Remote Workstation Cards

All Access Subscription Plans