PCoIP Zero Clients

Need easy-to-manage, dependable, and secure endpoints in your virtual desktop or cloud environment? PCoIP Zero Clients are ultra-secure endpoints that use a highly integrated, purpose-built processor to transmit pixels instead of data to the user’s desktop. These stateless endpoints deliver a rich user experience which is why there are over 3 million deployed worldwide. End users will stay satisfied with high-performance access to their Teradici Cloud Access Software, VMware® View or Amazon WorkSpaces desktops and applications, and IT can provision client devices in five minutes or less – minimizing end-user downtime.

Deliver a Superior Desktop Experience

With Teradici’s powerful hardware decode capabilities, PCoIP Zero Clients provide high resolution, full frame rate 3D graphics and high-definition media even over high-latency networks. And, compared with the price of a loaded desktop computer or laptop, they are far less expensive.

Simplify Device Setup and Management

With no application operating system, driver, anti-virus, or codec updates required, PCoIP Zero Clients represent the easiest-to-manage endpoints ever invented. These endpoints do not require operating system patches that can break applications or create downtime, and don’t have a general-purpose CPU, local data storage, or an application operating system – saving IT time; while minimizing risk.

Lower IT Costs

PCoIP Zero Clients are the most cost-effective clients available with an extended life span; radically reducing desktop provisioning costs. Ongoing management and maintenance costs are significantly less than traditional desktop PCs, and with minimal hardware components, recycling costs are reduced. See how much your organization will save with our ROI calculator.

PCoIP Zero Clients are available in standalone, all-in-one, or laptop form factors from over 30 leading partners. All brands of PCoIP Zero Clients can be efficiently configured and managed by Teradici’s PCoIP Management Console.

FeatureTera2 PCoIP Zero Client (Dual)Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client (Quad)
Max number of displays 2 4
Processor Teradici TERA2321 Teradici TERA2140
Maximum displays and resolution 1x 3840x2160 (DP model only)
1x 2560x1600
2x 1920x1200
2x 3840x2160 (DP model only)
2x 2560x1600
4x 1920x1200
 refer to product documentation for details
Display interfaces DP1.1a, DVI DP1.1a, DVI
USB redirection USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Pixel performance Up to 130Mpps Up to 250Mpps
Native Form factors Desktop, All-in-One Desktop, All-in-One
Connectivity Optimized Thin Clients are compatible with Teradici All Access solutions, Amazon WorkSpaces, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, on-premise data centers and VMware Horizon. 
Audio Bi-directional stereo Bi-directional stereo
Touchscreen capabilities Single-touch Single-touch
Typical system power 6W 12W


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