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Professional Services

Modernize and Future-proof your IT with Virtualization.

Wherever you are on your path to virtualization, the HP Teradici team has already navigated the territory.

Our Professional Services team provides the knowledge and experience to help you succeed when implementing PCoIP solutions. We collaborate closely with our product and support teams to ensure an efficient engagement with you. As your trusted PCoIP technology partner, we will help design, integrate and optimize your PCoIP deployments, so you can focus on your core business.

Teradici Professional Services


Professional Services Quickstart

A PCoIP Quick Start enables you to schedule an onboarding session with a PCoIP expert to get started using PCoIP as soon as possible.

Typically, customers use this service to receive guidance and assistance with an initial installation of HP Anyware products. As the name states, Quick Starts are intended to be fast -within one day (or optionally 2 four-hour sessions), you can get you PCoIP environment ready. Our expert team will guide you with a multi-point checklist, leveraged from best practices and based on years of delivering successful PCoIP deployment to customers like you.


A PCoIP Training and Health Check are designed for those that have a PCoIP solution in place and want to empower their IT staff on how to best manage and support their current setup.

Our certified team will provide hands-on training to assist with the installation, configuration, administration, maintenance and support of the chosen product. The list of products includes and is not limited to HP Anyware, HP Anyware Manager, PCoIP Zero Clients & Management Console Enterprise.

PCoIP Training and Health Check


Custom PCoIP Solutions

A PCoIP Deployment is simple: our team will help your business move up to three applications or workspaces to any supported public cloud, on-premises data center, or hybrid environment.

Once deployed, we will validate the PCoIP solution via extensive user experience testing with your staff and provide a full total cost of ownership report upon completion. At the end of the deployment (Day 10), a “representative” rollout will be active and working with your IT/Support staff trained so that they can scale the deployment to their required size.

Premium Consultation

Premium Consultation provides you with a project manager for your account that understands the needs of your business and allows you to book consultation time with our trusted, certified PCoIP architects.

This is ideal when you need expert advice on PCoIP developments, deployments or diagnostic consultations.