• PCoIP Technical Support Service now available
  • Introducing Voice Unified Communications + PCoIP Zero Clients
  • Teradici and Dell Deliver Remote Experiences to Precision Users
  • Powering the virtual workspace

    PCoIP technology drives all the components you need to run a remote desktop infrastructure, whether on premise or in the cloud, while fundamentally:

    - Simplifying the provisioning and management of computing services
    - Powering next generation local, remote and mobile work styles
    - Allowing you to deliver secure, right-sized computing experience to everyone

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  • Teradici PCoIP technology: the fabric of the virtual workspace

    We power the spectrum of local, remote, mobile and collaborative workstyles, fundamentally simplifying how end-user computing is provisioned, managed and used. Teradici PCoIP technology is deployed end-to-end in virtual and cloud environments, in zero clients, hardware accelerators, standalone workstations and mobile devices. Simple, green, and cost-effective, PCoIP technology delivers a secure, high-definition computing experience.

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  • Feature: PCoIP Hardware Accelerator

    "Now, we can ensure a high-performance user experience without over-provisioning our server, even in peak workloads."

    Mahesh Neelakanta
    Director of Information Technologies
    Florida Atlantic University College of Engineering and Computer Science

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    The PCoIP Hardware Accelerator card intelligently offloads encoding tasks and routes resources to where they are needed most.

    Smooth CPU spiking

    The hardware accelerator reduces peaks in CPU utilization. By creating virtual CPU headroom, the accelerator allows CPU intensive applications to continue running smoothly.

    Improve VDI Consolidation Ratios

    The more virtual machines running on a host, the lower the cost per user. System managers can take advantage of extra CPU headroom to improve consolidation ratios by up to 1.2 times for typical office workloads (5% video, 95% office).
  • Feature: PCoIP Zero Client

    “The Ministry’s [of Education, Malaysia] investment in virtual desktops will pay off in a very bright future for the nation’s school children.”

    Dato'Amirul Rahman Bin Abdul Rahim
    Executive Chairman
    Bitara Induk

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    Replace complex desktops, laptops, tablets and phones with an amazingly simple PCoIP-powered zero client.

    Protect Data and Applications

    PCoIP Zero Clients do not require applications, patches, service updates, operating systems or antivirus software.

    Simplify Device Setup and Maintenance

    PCoIP Zero Clients do not require applications, patches, service updates, operating systems or antivirus software.