What kind of computer would we design if we could start over today?

We’d design something that would bring the power of the cloud to any user in any environment. We'd free users from the constraints of their endpoints and securely deliver powerful applications to any device, anywhere, and at any time.


Teradici makes this possible.

Trusted by household names in the media & entertainment, oil & gas, design manufacturing, finance, government and healthcare industries, our PCoIP technology makes it possible to create entire virtual workspaces or deliver graphics-intensive applications from the cloud.

PCoIP Technology compresses, encrypts and rapidly transports pixels to end user devices

Trusted by over 10 million satisfied users, it's the technology powering the virtual workplace.

The protocol transfers images only, in the form of pixels, no information ever leaves the data center

Any PCoIP-enabled device — smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop machine can become a secure workstation

PCoIP accelerates hardware performance to provide high resolution, full frame-rate 3D graphics and high definition streaming media.

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Key Considerations for Migrating Graphics Workloads to the Cloud


Case Studies

Moulton College deploys Zero Clients to deliver flawless video performance.


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