Teradici CAS is First Third-Party Virtual Desktop Solution Available for use on Microsoft Azure Stack

IT teams and system integrators can deploy Teradici PCoIP® technology within a Microsoft Azure on-premises or hybrid cloud infrastructure with confidence

Burnaby, Canada (February 11, 2020) - Teradici®, the creator of industry-leading PCoIP® technology and Cloud Access Software, today announced that Cloud Access Software, its virtual desktop solution, is the first third-party solution of its kind to be available for integration with Microsoft Azure Stack. Customers, system integrators, and independent software vendors can now securely integrate Cloud Access Software into an Azure Stack Hub solution with confidence, reducing complexity, deployment time, and support costs.

“Part of the appeal for customers choosing an Azure Stack solution is the close integration and management it enables with Azure for deployment flexibility in a hybrid cloud environment,” said Ziad Lammam, vice president of product management for Teradici. “We’re pleased to be able to extend that same level of simplicity to Cloud Access Software customers, enabling them to deploy an Azure-based on-premises solution, with the option of adding Azure cloud services, using the PCoIP protocol.”

Azure Stack is an extension of Azure that provides the ability to consistently build and run hybrid applications across cloud boundaries. It includes a reference platform for hyper-converged infrastructure that fully integrates with Azure and Microsoft services, providing a common management framework and on-demand scalability for organizations with varying capacity needs. Teradici Cloud Access Software provides secure, high-performance virtual desktop access from Azure and Azure Stack HCI or Azure Stack Hub using PCoIP technology, enabling a common high-quality experience regardless of location or whether the user is accessing their desktop from an on-premises data center or the cloud. The integrated solution can provide IT teams with the ability to manage and shift Windows and Linux workloads as required without impacting productivity.

“Azure Stack customers require high levels of security and performance for their cloud solutions,” said Talal Alqinawi, senior director, product marketing for Microsoft Azure at Microsoft Corp. “The addition of Teradici Cloud Access Software provides customers with another seamless option for Azure Stack HCI, Azure Stack Hub or hybrid Azure deployments, especially for customers working with demanding content under a wide range of network conditions.”

Organizations using Azure Stack often do so because of its ability to provide the benefits of the cloud within contexts that make full-time permanent public cloud access challenging, such as remote locations with limited connectivity. With Teradici Cloud Access Software on an Azure Stack HCI or Azure Stack Hub solution, they can benefit from the security and resource management advantages Azure offers in even challenging environments without compromising the performance users need working with demanding content.

Visit the Teradici website for more information about using Teradici Cloud Access Software with Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack Hub.

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Teradici is the creator of the PCoIP® remoting protocol technology and Cloud Access Software. The company’s core mission is seamless and secure delivery of workstations and applications for end users. Teradici PCoIP technology and Cloud Access Software offer the most secure remoting solutions for public, private, and multicloud environments, enabling visualization of even the most graphics-intensive applications. The company’s solutions are deployed by Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, and service providers around the world.

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