Teradici Expands Support for Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Solutions with HPE SimpliVity

HCI support offers simplified, flexible architectures for hybrid and multicloud deployments

Burnaby, Canada (October 31, 2019) – Hybrid and multicloud architectures are now a reality for many enterprises, offering a practical solution to provide desktops for remote employees, improve data security, and prepare for disaster recovery. In an effort to provide a more streamlined and flexible option to reduce the complexity in delivering services from various data center and cloud combinations, Teradici®, the creator of industry-leading PCoIP® technology and Cloud Access Software, is expanding its support for hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions. With this expansion, Cloud Access Software can better offer organizations a single interface for remote desktops that can be deployed across the combination of widely used on-premises, private, or public clouds that works best for them.

“We see a wide diversity of cloud computing needs, based on each organization’s infrastructure and business requirements,” said Ziad Lammam, vice president of product management for Teradici. “Our aim is to reduce complexity and provide the flexibility to deploy virtual desktops across whatever hybrid or multicloud implementation works best for our customers. Ensuring that Cloud Access Software is easy to deploy across a wide range of HCI solutions is a key initiative to meet those customer needs.”

“Teradici has recently joined the HPE Technology Partner Program as a Silver Tier member, and Teradici Cloud Access Software has now been validated with HPE SimpliVity and ProLiant Servers,” said Carl Shanahan, WW Sr. Program Manager, HPE Technology Partner Program.

“HPE is committed to innovating new solutions and enabling mutual growth together with our partners to solve our customers’ biggest business problems. Together we can offer our customers our latest validated technology to accelerate innovation and deliver business value.”

Customers and channel partners can get more information and details at Teradici and HPE web sites.

Teradici Cloud Access Software and its included Cloud Access Manager simplifies the configuration and deployment of remote desktops, regardless of physical location. Valued for its high security and reliable performance in even the most demanding use cases, Cloud Access Software can provide Windows or Linux desktop access from a wide variety of on-premises data centers and  private clouds utilizing HPE SimpliVity, KVM, Nutanix AHV, or VMware ESXi; from public clouds (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure); or combinations of the above, all utilizing a single, simple interface that reduces the support required from enterprise IT teams.

HPE SimpliVity is designed to simplify the delivery of virtual machines at scale, enabling IT administrators to back up, clone, and restore virtual machines quickly, easily and cost effectively, without requiring specialized skills. The ability to use Cloud Access Software within an HPE SimpliVity solution provides an option that supports Teradici PCoIP technology, renowned for its efficiency, security, and visual fidelity in delivering virtual desktops and workstations to a variety of devices, including PCoIP Zero Clients, thin clients, and software-defined endpoints. For those who already have Teradici technology deployed in other data centers or as part of their public or private cloud deployments, this further simplifies the addition of the HPE SimpliVity platform to their technology stack.

To learn more about how organizations are deploying hybrid and multicloud strategies, download Teradici’s recent report, The State of Multicloud: Virtual Desktop Deployments in 2019. For a demonstration of Cloud Access Software or to discuss how Teradici PCoIP technology can serve your organization’s unique needs, contact Teradici Sales.

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