Customer Story

Overseas developers work securely on Linux workstations in the U.S., with Teradici CAS

Quantum Root worker

Founded in 2018, QuantumRoot develops automated trading software for hedge funds. Using machine learning, statistical analysis, and backtesting, the software detects faint signals indicating a very brief window of opportunity to execute a trade at an advantage. Hedge funds typically deploy the custom software on servers located at a financial exchange, giving traders yet another advantage by shaving off microseconds of delay between order and execution.



  • Enable international developers to securely access powerful Linux workstations located in data centers and exchanges in other countries
  • Safeguard against intellectual property leakage
  • Provide an excellent developer experience on remote workstations—even over VPN connections


  • Enabled developers to access remote workstations using any device, from office or home, using Teradici CAS
  • Minimized latency by connecting developers to closest company data center via VPN—and then to destination data center via site-to-site VPN


  • Prevented loss of intellectual property by never letting data leave the data center: only encrypted pixels travel over the network
  • Accelerated build and test times by an order of magnitude compared to RDP
  • Expanded talent pool by giving developers in other countries secure access to workstations and tools
  • Met ambitious roll-out timeline thanks to all-hours support from Teradici

HP Anyware (formerly Teradici CAS) is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS environments