Customer Story

Low-cost disaster recovery: government contractor relies on Teradici CAS for back-up desktops in multiple clouds

Disaster Recovery Strategy

A government contractor has an exclusive contract with a large governmental department. Initially the contractor’s employees used physical desktops to run productivity applications. To prevent data theft, employees had to be vigilant about locking office doors and removing or locking up their hard drives.

When planning a move to a new building, the contractor took the opportunity to both improve desktop security and implement a desktop disaster-recovery solution.



  • Secure access to confidential data and applications
  • Build a secure disaster recovery solution
  • Meet government requirements for diverse backup environments
  • Minimize total cost of ownership for desktops


  • Use ultra-secure PCoIP Zero Clients
  • Build two disaster recovery (DR) sites—in a public cloud and an off-site data center
  • Back up virtual desktops to disaster recovery sites
  • In the event of disaster, engage desktops in DR site, then point PCoIP Zero Clients to the new site


  • Increased resilience by backing up desktops to multiple sites with different hypervisors
  • Reduced risk of data theft by isolating DR sites in addition to primary desktops – only accessible via encrypted pixel streams
  • Avoided the cost and complexity of setting up a VPN
  • Achieved same results as comparable disaster recovery solutions at one-third the cost

HP Anyware (formerly Teradici CAS) is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS environments