Bartholomew County Simplifies IT Management
with PCoIP Zero Clients

Founded in 1821, Bartholomew County spans 12 townships that are home to more than 75,000 Indiana residents. The County seat in Columbus includes the Courthouse, sheriff’s office, and government departments situated in nine buildings in the downtown and nearby area.

"In general, zero clients are all about working smarter, not harder. After you try them, it will make you seriously reconsider deploying traditional desktop computers and dealing with the OS and updates and the rest of the traditional support model."

Jenifer Slabaugh
System Administrator
Bartholomew County Government, Indiana


  • Ease of management for small IT staff
  • Seamless migration experience for employees


  • Replace aging PC infrastructure with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Teradici® PCoIP® Zero Clients


  • Simplicity: Ease of management, even with multivendor hardware at the desktop
  • User acceptance: Painless migration wins over employees, delivers increased mobility and uptime
  • Business agility: Rapid, easy change management and ability to reorganize department resources while lowering hardware expenses by 35 percent
  • Productivity boosts: Faster deployments, less IT time for desktop support, and highly available endpoints for employees