PCoIP Management Console Enterprise Edition

PCoIP Management Console puts the power of PCoIP Zero Client management in your hands. A truly ‘light-touch’ solution, PCoIP Management Console is trusted by IT leaders in healthcare, finance and more to deploy and manage up to 20,000 Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients from a central console.

With PCoIP Management Console Enterprise Edition, IT can quickly provision new devices, review metrics, configure settings, update firmware, and view event logs right from their web browser. The web-based software strengthens IT control with the ability to push out a standardized profile and security policies across all devices within minutes. A built-in dashboard offers real-time insight into device usage, enabling administrators to minimize downtime with instant and corrective action.

One year and three year subscription licenses also include Teradici Support and Maintenance for Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client firmware.


Simplify device management

  • Flexible with the ability to manage and schedule updates to your PCoIP Zero Clients individually or by applying group policies
  • Allows for more effective troubleshooting and proactive problem resolution of multiple devices

Scalable software that grows with your business

  • Allows for management of up to 20,000 PCoIP Zero Client devices from a single console to meet the demands of the world’s largest enterprises
  • Enables multiple IT administrators to gain access simultaneously

Rapid deployment of PCoIP Zero Clients

  • Greater user uptime with the ability to configure new devices quickly and efficiently, and schedule updates at any hour
  • Enjoy an 'at-a-glance view' of deployment with the dashboard
  • Manage power consumption of devices remotely

PCoIP Zero Client Firmware Support Included

The one and three year subscription license includes Teradici Support and Maintenance for Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client firmware ̶ providing access to PCoIP experts through our online ticketing system and 24x7 support for severity 1 issues.


Teradici PCoIP Management Console Enterprise Edition is offered as a virtual appliance and is delivered as an OVA and uses CentOS 6.6.


Web browsers

Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer




2 vCPUs

Available storage


Supported devices

Up to 20,000 Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients on firmware 5.0 or later



Firmware Release 4.8.0 and PCoIP Management Console 1.10.3

Coming Soon - Firmware Release 5.0 and PCoIP Management Console Enterprise Edition

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