Why Zero Clients

Tap into the full benefits of the Cloud with Amazon WorkSpaces and PCoIP Zero Clients

Amazon WorkSpaces, a fully managed desktop computing service offers freedom from the constraints of physical desktops – with lower hardware and IT costs, simpler scalability, and the flexibility to adapt to mobility, and a rapidly evolving desktop environment.

When you connect to your Amazon WorkSpaces through PCoIP zero clients, you can maximize the benefits – and realize additional long-term cost savings. Amazon WorkSpaces and zero clients cost less than a cup of coffee per day---and a lot less than managing PCs.

Run for less

Easy to deploy and configure, zero clients further reduce IT costs – with no memory, no OS to update or support and no compatibility issues to resolve. They require less power, cooling and physical space and extend your equipment life span.

Get enterprise-grade security

As zero clients transmit pixels rather than data, they offer a higher level of security– which is particularly important for government and healthcare organizations or any company in a highly competitive industry.

Improve performance

With no single point of failure of a hard drive or fan, zero clients offer improved system resilience and reliability. The intelligence of PCoIP also adapts to network changes and load demands on the fly, for more consistent performance.

Deliver an outstanding user experience

Give your users a rich multimedia experience without complicated set up procedures. From a user’s perspective, there is no difference between working on a local computer loaded with software and working on a simple zero client.

For more about zero clients, download the PCoIP Zero Clients for Amazon WorkSpaces data sheet.