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Building PCoIP Virtual Channel Plug-In Samples

Use CMake (Cross-Platform Make) to build the sample plug-ins for Windows, macOS, or Linux. CMake is an open-source, cross-platform family of tools designed to build, test, and package software. You can download the latest version of CMake for platform specific installation file from Building the plug-ins for Windows requires Microsoft Visual Studio.

Building the plug-ins for other platforms requires the SCons software construction tool which in turn requires Python, and a gcc compiler or a corresponding toolchain which supports the pthreads library (for the operating system primitives used in the plug-ins). On all platforms you can use CMake to configure and generate platform and compiler specific build files and build the target plug-ins on the chosen platforms.

Using CMake to Configure and Generate Platform and Compiler Build Files

The following image shows the configuration information for CMake with Microsoft Visual Studio on Windows:

alt text

You can configure other platforms in a similar way to take the source codes and generate the build files in the designated binaries folder. It is possible to configure CMake on the command-line user interface, for information refer to CMake documentation at the CMake wiki page.

Completing the CMake process

You must first Configure, and then Generate as a two-pass routine to complete the CMake process.

To build the target plug-ins on your chosen platform, go to the output build files folder and build the plug-in with the designated compiler.

Binary compatibility for Windows plug-ins

For Windows Clients, please ensure that the PCoIP Virtual Channel plug-ins are built as 64-bit .dlls with Visual Studio Code 2015.

For Windows Agents, if the PCoIP Virtual Channel plug-ins are not built with Visual Studio 2015, you need to ensure that the required re-distributables are installed.

Binary compatibility for macOS plug-ins

To maintain binary compatibility, ensure that PCoIP Virtual Channel plug-ins on macOS are built as 64-bit dylibs with Xcode 5.0 or above.