Sample Policies by User Profile

The following table outlines sample policies by user profile.

Group Policy Editor Configuration A B C D E
Maximum PCoIP Session Bandwidth (kbps) 900000 900000 4000 1200 300
Enable Build-to-Lossless feature Yes No No No No
Minimum Image Quality 50 40 40 30 30
Maximum Initial Image Quality 90 80 70 70 70
Maximum Frame Rate (fps) 60 30 16 8 4
Session Audio Bandwidth Limit (kbps) 256 256 48 48 0-32
Windows and application optimizations N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes

The above table deals with the profiles A thru E which are defined in User Experience Rating and Bandwidth Considerations. The table shows recommended group policies for user profiles A thru E for users with HD or 2K display configurations. Profile A or B users with 4K/UHD display configurations should use the settings described in Session Planning for PCoIP Ultra Enhancements.