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What's New in this Release

PCoIP Management Console release 19.05 offers new feature additions, and user interface changes over past releases and are described in this section.

Info: Information on previous releases

For features and release details associated with previous releases of the PCoIP Management Console, consult the Teradici PCoIP Management Console Life Cycle Table.

Feature Additions or Changes

Release Numbering Change

For improved efficiency, PCoIP Management Console has migrated to a new release numbering scheme from the previous x.y.z format to a year month format YY.MM. The release number will now represent the year and month that new versions of PCoIP Management Console are released.

Redhat Package Manager (RPM) for in-place upgrades (Tech preview)

With RPM, Management Console's data, certificates, and OS configurations will be preserved during future upgrades.

RPM can be installed on a virtual machine running in vSphere, Azure, Amazon EC2, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Schedule Time Zone field added to schedules

Schedules can now be set to run in the endpoint location time zone.

Endpoints auto-configuration using generic tag and password

Management Console is now able to auto-configure endpoints based on IP address, generic tag or password; auto-configuration by generic tag or password is only supported in Management Console Enterprise mode.

New property to switch Zero Client OSD colour scheme

Management Console profiles have been updated with new properties to set Zero Client OSD color scheme to support low-light environments.

Security enhancements

This release contains improvements and enhancements around the security and stability of the Management Console.