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PCoIP Connection Manager and Security Gateway Log Files

Each PCoIP component logs its activities and stores the log files locally. Troubleshooting behavior problems usually begins with an examination of PCoIP log files for error conditions or other system health indicators.

All PCoIP components use an identical, session-specific ID in their respective log files, allowing you to separate individual sessions and aggregate messages from multiple components within a session. The session ID is a 36-character hexadecimal string.

Log Maintenance

Logs and log rotation for both the PCoIP Connection Manager and PCoIP Security Gateway are managed automatically by Docker.

Sensitive Information in Logs

Sensitive information such as passwords, session cookies, and other session data that can potentially be used to gain unauthorized access is either obscured or not logged. Non-sensitive, unique session identifiers such as user names and IP addresses are logged as these often help with troubleshooting.

Log File Locations

Docker stores logs from its containers in /var/lib/docker/containers. You can check logs based on the CONTAINER_ID for the PCoIP Connection Manager and PCoIP Security Gateway.

If the PCoIP Connection Manager and PCoIP Security Gateway is running, you can also use the following command to check logs:

docker logs <CMSG_CONTAINER_ID>

...where <CMSG_CONTAINER_ID> is the container ID for the PCoIP Connection Manager and PCoIP Security Gateway.

Log Verbosity

PCoIP logs can capture log messages at several different verbosity levels, ranging from highly verbose informational messages to error-only reporting.

Teradici recommends using the default verbosity log level in production deployments. When troubleshooting a problem, Teradici might recommend changing the log level for specific components to obtain more information from parts of the system.

Security Gateway log levels cannot be changed

The log levels for the Security Gateway are not configurable.

Note: Increasing verbosity will reduce history

Increasing log verbosity will generate more and larger log files, which will then reach the system limits and be aged out more quickly.

Changing the PCoIP Connection Manager Log Level

The available log levels for the PCoIP Connection Manager, from most verbose to least verbose, are:

  • debug
  • info
  • warn
  • error

To configure the log level of the PCoIP Connection Manager:

  1. Open /opt/teradici/pcoipcm_data/docker-compose.yaml in a text editor.

  2. Add or modify the LOG_LEVEL value as an environment variable under the Connection Manager service:

    LOG_LEVEL = <log level value>

    Where <log level value> is one of debug, info, warn, or error.

  3. Use the config command to apply changes:

    pcoip-cmsg-setup config --compose-file /opt/teradici/pcoipcm_data/docker-compose.yaml