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Enable Federated Authentication for CMSG

IDP Configuration

Configuration parameters below are all obtained during the configuration of the IDP. Before configuring Federated Authentication, please ensure that you have an active third-party identity provider configured correctly.

If you are installing a new CMSG:

  • Run the command: sudo pcoip-cmsg-setup install [...other settings...] --enable-oauth true --id-provider-url --oauth-client-id XXXXXXXXX.

If you are configuring an existing CMSG:

  • Run the command: sudo pcoip-cmsg-setup configure [...other settings...] --enable-oauth true --id-provider-url --oauth-client-id XXXXXXXXX.

For more information on installing or updating CMSG, see Installing for Online Environments and Updating CMSG.

Installation Flags

Flag Type Description
--enable-oauth Boolean Enables Oauth authentication. (Default=False)
--id-provider-url String Sets the identity provider URL. Example: --id-provider-url This flag is required if --enable-oauth is true.
--fa-url String The Federated Auth Broker URL. for example https://cac-vm-fqdn:port
--oauth-client-id String Gets the Client ID from the Identity Provider. This flag is also required if --enable-oauth is "true".