Recovering a USB Driver with the PCoIP Software Client

When using USB drivers on the PCoIP Software Client for Windows you can sometimes encounter issues around versioning of the USB hub filter, as displayed in the error message below:

Alt Text

If you encounter this issue or another issue relating to your USB driver, Teradici recommends carrying out the following steps:

  1. Uninstall the PCoIP Client.
  2. Reboot your machine.
  3. Open the Registry Editor editor.
  4. Search for fusbhub under HKLM Alt Text
  5. Remove the registry key which is the item in the left pane with the folder icon, in this case it is the fuhub key, containing fusbhub. If you cannot remove this registry key note the .inf file name associated with the registry entry. The .inf file name usually starts with oem, for example oem9.inf. Open the commandline and run the following prompt:
    pnputil -f -d oem9.inf
  6. Keep repeating step 5 until fusbhub is completely removed from the registry editor.
  7. Reboot your machine.
  8. Install the PCoIP Client.