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Webcam Support

The Software Client for Linux now supports USB webcams when connecting to a Anyware Agent for Windows. USB webcams can now be used while in the remote desktop, including with applications such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

For detailed information which models have been tested and the performance metrics associated with these models see here. This knowledge base article also deals steps on how to test and verify other webcam models.

This feature is enabled by default.


Webcam support requires the following:

  • Software Client for Linux, 21.07+
  • Anyware Standard Agent for Windows or Anyware Graphics Agent for Windows, 21.03+
  • USB-attached webcam.

Notes and Limitations

  • Webcams must be connected via USB. Webcams that are not USB, such as embedded laptop webcams, are not supported.
  • Linux agents are not supported.
  • Anyware Software Client for macOS is not supported.
  • If the browser on the remote desktop terminates when a webcam is connected, you must disable the webUSB setting in Chrome by running the following command in the search bar of the Chrome browser:
    Open the Chrome menu and disable the webUSB flag.


On the Anyware Software Client, connect the webcam as described in USB Bridging of Webcams.