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Printing Support

The following are the printing options available with the Anyware Client:

  • Local USB Printing: Printing to a USB printer locally attached to the Client device.
  • Remote Network Printing: Enables printing to a network printer on the nost machines network. Not suitable in situations here the Anyware Software Client device is not on the same network as he host device.
  • Cloud Printing: This is access to external Cloud Services that are set-up on your local workstation and network. Once these services have been correctly configured they can be used by the Anyware Software Client.
  • Local Network Printing: Enables printing from the host machine to a printer in the Anyware Client machine's local area network. This method is suitable for printing when host and client are not on the same network or for identifying and printing to local printers that exist in multi-site organizations.

Support for each of these methods varies depending on which Anyware agent the Software Client for Linux connects to. The Software Client for Linux printing support is as follows:

Windows agents Linux agents macOS agents
Local USB Printing
Remote Network Printing
Local Network Printing
Cloud Printing