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Anyware Software Client for Linux

Welcome to the Software Client for Linux Administrators' Guide.

Anyware Software Clients are applications that establish PCoIP sessions with remote Windows, Linux, or macOS desktops. Connections can be made to Anyware agents installed on virtual or physical machines, or to Remote Workstation Cards in physical workstations.

This guide explains how to install, configure, and use the Software Client for Linux. It includes client system requirements and information on host dependencies.

Who Should Read This Guide?

This guide is intended for administrators and users who install, configure, or use the Software Client for Linux.

Additional Documentation

The following guides contain additional information relevant to Anyware systems and Anyware Software Clients:

For more information about HP Anyware, including detailed information on included Anyware components as well as HP Anyware plans, see the Cloud Access Architecture Guide.

For more information about Anyware agents, which are required on remote virtual machines, see the following pages:

For information about the Remote Workstation Card Software, which is required on remote workstations using a the Remote Workstation Card, see the following pages: