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What's New in This Release

In addition to bug fixes and stability enhancements, the PCoIP Software Client for Linux 23.04 introduces the following:

Support for Tangent Panels

The Software Client for Linux introduces support for Tangent panels.

The following Tangent panels are supported when connecting from a Windows or Linux software client to a Windows or Linux agent (both 23.04 or higher).

  • Tangent Ripple
  • Tangent Wave
  • Tangent Element BT
  • Tangent Element MF
  • Tangent Element KB
  • Tangent Element TK
  • Tangent Arc (Navigation)
  • Tangent Arc (Grading)
  • Tangent Arc (Function)

The Graphics Agent for macOS and the Software Client for macOS do not support Tangent panels.

Support for Multiple Collaborators

The Software Client for Linux introduces support for multiple collaborators in a single collaboration session. Up to 5 collaborators can now join a single PCoIP session using the same invitation link. For more information, see Collaboration.

Important: Maximum Number of Collaborators

Up to 5 collaborators can join a single collaboration session. Once 5 collaborators join a collaboration session, additional participants will not be able to join, unless one or more collaborators leaves the session.

Support for Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 (DTH-167)

The Software Client for Linux now supports the newer version of the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 (DTH-167). This device is supported with both local termination and bridged connection modes when connecting to PCoIP agents for Windows and Linux (PCoIP Graphics Agent for macOS is not supported).

Deprecation Warning for Ubuntu 18.04

This is the last release of the Software Client for Linux that will support Ubuntu 18.04. Future releases will not support Ubuntu 18.04.