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What's New in This Release

Release 19.05 of the Standard Agent for Windows includes the following enhancements:

  • Improved support for PCoIP Ultra, our latest PCoIP protocol enhancements. In 19.05, PCoIP Ultra is appropriate for CPU-optmized delivery of 4K high framerate content only; all other users should leave Ultra disabled.

    This is an evolving feature that will continually improve with each release.

  • Clients connecting directly to the PCoIP agent, without using a connection broker, can now be shown a disclaimer message prior to authenticating. The disclaimer must be accepted in order to connect. To use this feature, enable the Windows GPO Enable Disclaimer Authentication.

  • The PCoIP agent software is now a 64-bit application, and is installed into C:\Program Files\Teradici\PCoIP Agent.

  • Added support for QEMU/KVM hypervisor.