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Managing Client Connections

In most cases, PCoIP clients connect to PCoIP agents through a connection broker. The broker is responsible for matching users to their available desktops, and then establishing the PCoIP session with their selected resource.

PCoIP agents do not need to be configured to use these brokering services. All relevant configuration is done at the broker, which then communicates with the agent.

Brokering Options

There are several ways you can manage client connections to remote desktops

Direct Connections

In direct connection scenarios—where a broker is not involved—the PCoIP agent acts as its own broker. In these cases, a client user will provide the IP address or FQDN of the agent machine to their client, and the connection is made securely with no intermediate step.

Teradici Cloud Access Manager

Teradici Cloud Access Manager is a cloud-based service available as part of Cloud Access Software that centrally manages PCoIP deployments. It enables highly scalable and cost-effective Cloud Access Software deployments by managing cloud compute costs and brokering PCoIP connections to remote Windows or Linux workstations.

Teradici PCoIP Connection Manager

The Teradici PCoIP Connection Manager is provided in a bundle with the Teradici PCoIP Security Gateway, and allows self-managed brokering services. For information about the Teradici PCoIP Connection Manager, including installation and configuration instructions, see the Connection Manager and Security Gateway documentation.

Third-party Connection Brokers

Teradici PCoIP agents also support third-party connection brokers. For a current list of brokering partners, see Teradici Technology Partners on Teradici's website.