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System Requirements

Cloud Access Connector is software that runs within an Ubuntu server and enables secure connectivity between users and the remote workstations. Cloud Access Connector runs in the customer environment such as on-premises, AWS and Google Cloud. The Connector communicates with the CAS Manager which orchestrates and manages Cloud Access deployments.

Creating the Cloud Access Connector Server

The Cloud Access Connector runs on an Ubuntu server (called the Cloud Access Connector server).

Create a dedicated Ubuntu server with the following specifications:

  • Ubuntu Server 18.04.
  • At least 4GB RAM.
  • 30GB available storage or more.
  • 2 vCPUs or more.

Once you have setup a dedicated virtual machine for the Cloud Access Connector, please ensure the following environment conditions are met:

  • You must have access to the internet.

  • You must have an Active Directory (AD) user account located in the designated Cloud Access Connector domain admins group, in order to log into the Admin Console.

  • The server must be able to resolve the AD domain.

  • You must be able to access the server using SSH.

  • You must have superuser (sudo) privileges on the server.

  • The networking information of the server (including the IP address) must not change while the Cloud Access Connector is operational.

  • The server must have a single network interface and IP address. If the server has multiple network interfaces, the Cloud Access Connector will fail to install.

  • If you are deploying Ubuntu on ESXi, you must install open-vm-tools to enable the ESXi host to communicate with the Cloud Access Connector server.

For information on the session establishment and session bandwidth limits when working with external connections, see here.

Creating a DNS record

If you want to create a DNS record for the Cloud Access Connector, you need to obtain an SSL certificate with its FQDN and provide it (along with the key) when installing the Cloud Access Connector. This will avoid SSL certificate verification warnings.

Verifying the Cloud Access Connector Server

To verify your Cloud Access Connector server network configuration, SSH into the machine and ping the domain and a remote workstation in the domain. You should get a positive response from both attempts:

ping <domain FQDN>
ping <remote workstation FQDN>

If any of your attempts to verify these components fails, the DNS settings on the Cloud Access Connector server might be misconfigured. For more information on DNS configuration, see Configuring Network Settings in Ubuntu 18.04.