CAS Manager Health Status

In the case that there is an issue with CAS Manager, the diagnose health command will provide an overview of CAS Manager's health. The following command will provide a list of services that are in healthy and unhealthy state. The command will allow the user to determine the services that are unhealthy and run more specific diagnosis on the unhealthy service:

sudo /usr/local/bin/cas-manager diagnose --health
The diagnose command lists all CAS Manager services, but not all services are essential. The essential services for CAS Manager are listed below. If any of these services are in an unhealthy state, the overall health status will be unhealthy:

  • "activitylog"
  • "activitylogconsumer"
  • "authorization"
  • "camadminconsolega"
  • "connectors"
  • "connectorsworker"
  • "deploymentmgmt"
  • "deploymentworker"
  • "docs"
  • "kafka"
  • "machinemgmt"
  • "machinemgmtdeleteworker"
  • "machinemgmtworker"
  • "machinemonitor"
  • "machinemonitorworker"
  • "poolmgmt"
  • "poolmgmtworker"
  • "secretmgmt"
  • "redis"
  • "resourcetemplates"
  • "resourcetemplatestore"
  • "userentitlement"
  • "userentitlementworker"