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Activity Log

The CAS Manager activity log enables you to view a record of all activity and operations performed in your CAS Manager environment. You can choose whether to show all records or just the records from a selected deployment. To view the activity log from the Admin Console:

  1. Click the user account icon within the Admin Console.
  2. Click Activity Log to display the activity log for that deployment.

The logs will show the date, user account, source and activity details.

You can search for logs based on specific operations that occured. You can download all the logs available in CAS Manager by clicking the Download CSV button. For information on CAS Manager levels and how they impact the activity log, see CAS Manager.

Activity Log Expiration Timeframe

The Activity Log in the Admin Console contains short-term data, up to 7 days. After 7 days the log data expires. To maintain your long term storage Teradici recommends downloading the .csv file regularly.

Accessing the Activity Log through CAS Manager APIs

CAS Manager offers a RESTful API as an alternative to using the Admin Console. It allows for programmatic management and automation of resources in CAS Manager deployments.

The following API page details how you can obtain these Activity Logs using the CAS Manager APIs:

The Get activity logs and download activity logs API calls enable users to get the logs and download them as a .csv file.