Transforming Creative Workflows: Making Great Content in the Cloud

Join IBC365 to explore why creators are turning to cloud to transform the way they make great content and how virtualised workflows are unlocking the ability to work in new ways: faster, more collaborative, more efficient and more creative.

This webinar goes inside some of the world's leading content creators, production and post-production operations to hear how they are embracing cloud technology to transform the creative processes used to make, produce and deliver video.

We'll get hands-on with practical lessons on how cloud is enabling more collaboration, access to more talent, round-the-clock working, more content security, and slicker workflows. There's also a dose of reality, as we understand the human and technology challenges and the potential pitfalls of virtualising creative workflows.

Case studies focus on using cloud for:

  • Streamlining content creation in the field
  • Transforming production and post-production processes
  • Efficient content delivery and backhaul

April 25 | 4PM BST

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