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Redbrick Associates, a financial back-office services firm, seamlessly transitions to work from home — with Amazon WorkSpaces

Redbrick Associates

Founded in 2014, Redbrick Associates works with select top-tier venture firms to manage their business operations and financial reporting. Redbrick attracts clients because of its deep institutional knowledge of the venture capital industry, attention to security and privacy, and broad network of contacts.



  • Segregate and secure customers’ financial data
  • Avoid local storage of customers' financial data
  • Ensure business continuity during pandemics or other disasters
  • Minimize IT burden


  • Provisioned virtual desktops in the cloud using Amazon WorkSpaces—each desktop dedicated to one customer
  • Gave employees ultra-secure PCoIP Zero Clients to securely log in to virtual desktops
  • Immediately distributed low-cost Chromebooks when COVID-19 lockdown began so employees could access virtual desktops from home
  • Supplemented Chromebooks with a zero client for home use, for higher security and multi-monitor support


  • Seamlessly transitioned to working from home during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Simplified IT by avoiding the need for a VPN and on-site service calls
  • Protected confidential client data by keeping it off endpoints
  • Gained flexibility to use any available endpoint: zero clients, laptops, tablets, and any Windows or Mac devices employees have at home
  • Lowered endpoint costs by purchasing low-cost PCoIP Zero Clients and Chromebooks instead of PCs