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Hive VFX visual effects

Founded in 2019, Hive VFX provides visual special effects for film, TV, and commercials. The studio is known for beauty fixes and “gore enhancements” for realistic-looking cuts, blood, etc. Titles include Spenser Confidential and Extraction.

Hive VFX background


  • Deliver an excellent experience for artists using graphics-intensive applications
  • Avoid upfront capital costs for servers and storage
  • Hire artists anywhere in the world for access to talent or tax incentives
  • Keep client files secure


  • Cloud workstations: AWS G4 instances with NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core graphics processing units (GPUs), running Teradici CAS
  • Artist devices: Windows, Mac, or Linux workstations or laptops with Teradici software
  • Peripherals: Dual monitors, Wacom devices, specialty mice


  • Delivered an at-home application experience equivalent to an in-studio experience
  • Aligned costs with revenue by paying only for cloud resources actually needed
  • Gained flexibility to take on any size job, anywhere, by spinning up new virtual machines in a nearby AWS data center
  • Protected intellectual property because files never reside on artists’ personal devices