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Commercial real estate company continues operating during disasters, with Teradici CAS

Hartz Mountain Industries

Headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey, Hartz Mountain Industries, Inc. owns and manages one of the largest privately held commercial real estate portfolios in the U.S—more than 260 properties spanning 45 million square feet. The company has full-scale departments for leasing, management, finance, acquisition, architecture, construction, development, planning, marketing, design, and property management.

hartzmountain background


  • Minimize business disruption and maintain critical client services in the event of disaster
  • Enable employees to access critical applications from anywhere, on any device
  • Keep infrastructure and management simple and efficient


  • Built virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in an off-site data center to host virtual desktops with essential cloud and local applications
  • Deployed Teradici CAS to enable employees to securely connect to their virtual disaster-recovery desktops using HP t310 Zero Clients or laptops
  • Managed connections to virtual desktops using Leostream Connection Broker


  • Successfully tested the disaster recovery solution, continuing to deliver essential client services
  • Enabled employees to work from any location
  • Minimized IT overhead: creating virtual desktops in the disaster recovery data center took just a few minutes
  • Avoided costs of completely replicating VDI in the disaster recovery site