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Firesprite Games where team members build incredible games from home, on any device

Firesprite Games

Liverpool-based Firesprite Games was founded in 2012 with five people committed to creating incredible games on cutting-edge hardware. Today the team includes more than 130 people developing games for PCs and consoles. Among Firesprite’s top sellers for PCs and PlayStation are The Persistence, Airforce Special Ops: Nightfall, and The Playroom. In 2020, Firesprite was named one of the top 10 fastest-growing businesses in the North of England.

Firesprite Games background


  • Enable game coders, designers, artists, and testers to work from home with a great experience
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Avoid the costs, delays, and security risks of shipping workstations to remote freelancers


  • Installed Teradici Cloud Access Software on office workstations before pandemic lockdown
  • Directed new hires to install Teradici client software on their personal Windows or Mac devices to remotely access their office workstation
  • Will provide PCoIP-enabled thin clients to administrative employees when they return to the office


  • Delivered outstanding remote workstation experience to employees hired during pandemic lockdown
  • Strengthened security: content can’t be read or copied from a lost or stolen device
  • Shortened development time: the initial sync for a 500GB game completes five hours faster over a 100Mbps connection
  • Gained an edge in attracting and retaining top talent by supporting work from home