Reference Architectures


Teradici software on HPE Proliant DL360/380 Gen10 server with NVIDIA RTX accelerator

This Reference Architecture addresses the integration of HPE Proliant DL360 with Teradici Cloud Access Software (CAS) In addition, HPE Proliant DL380 with Teradici Cloud Access Software plus (CAS+) is detailed which utilizes an NVIDIA® RTX6000 GPU to offload the CPUs for compute intensive users.

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Teradici Cloud Access Software with Azure NVv4 Graphics Instance

Microsoft Azure's NVv4 GPU-enabled instances are built on 2nd Gen AMD EPYCTM 7002 processors and AMD RadeonTM Instinct MI25 GPU. The new NVv4 instances offers customers unprecedented GPU resourcing flexibility, giving customers more choices than before.

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Avid Deployment Guide Cloud Video Editorial

Cloud Video Editorial Deployment Guide

This guide details how to enable seamless editorial workflows in Microsoft Azure using Avid products and solutions and Teradici Cloud Access Software.

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NVIDIA Reference Architecture Guide

NVIDIA RTX Server for virtual workstation with Teradici CIoud Access on ASUS ESC4000 G4

Sales engineers, field consultants, professional services, partner engineers, and IT Managers can now take advantage of a solution that is purpose built and optimized to deliver a virtualized design and creation workflow.

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A security-compliant, multi-tenant virtual environment for the media and entertainment industry

Teradici offers the technology to deliver a seamless desktop experience to the end user – regardless of physical location. This has allowed Jellyfish Pictures the ability to hire artists in different geographical areas in addition to giving staff a higher quality of life. The implications of this is that we are now able to have access to a wider talent pool and able to allow us to earlier scale on a project by projects basis.

Jeremy Smith CTO, Jellyfish Pictures
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