Energy & Utilities Company Deploys Zero Clients
for Exceptional Performance, IT Simplicity

A Fortune 500 energy and utilities company is one of the largest distributors of natural gas in the U.S. The company serves millions of residential and commercial customers, and has built out and operates a transmission pipeline and storage infrastructure across multiple states.

"With PCoIP zero clients, massive spreadsheets open instantly just as if they were in the same physical building with the central data center and storage arrays. Employees are thrilled – it works like we wish it had always worked."

Network Engineer
Fortune 500 Energy and
Utilities Company


  • Business continuity during and after hurricanes and other natural disasters
  • End-user demands for high-performance, multiple-monitor desktops
  • Simplicity and flexibility for end users, in the office and at home


  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Teradici® PCoIP® Zero Clients


  • Employee satisfaction: seamless work experiences from anywhere
  • Exceptional performance: pixels-only downloads for rapid display of data located thousands of miles away
  • IT satisfaction: less time spent on repetitive desktop support tasks; staff reallocated to other projects
  • Increased level of service: easy centralized IT management for rapid response to requests