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Cloud Access Software

Securely deliver high-performance desktops to knowledge workers and power users requiring even the most graphics-intensive applications.

For skilled remote teams and contingent workers in computer-aided design (CAD), architectural design, 3D modeling and video editing, access to rich, interactive applications is mission critical.

Built on industry-leading PCoIP® technology, Cloud Access Software delivers high-performance virtual workstations from the cloud or your data center to the endpoint of your choice. And with PCoIP Ultra, Cloud Access Software now delivers high frame rate 4K/UHD graphics workloads without compromise.

Create virtual environments on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or your own on-premise infrastructure. With simplified multicloud support, Cloud Access Software gives you the power to deploy and manage entitlements from any combination of public or private data centers.

Customers Rely on Cloud Access Software For:

Ensure your organization can continue operations in emergency situations or outages by connecting to a disaster recovery site within minutes using Cloud Access Software.

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Cloud Access Software connects to virtual machines in your data center, on the public cloud or in a hybrid or multicloud environment.

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Access Linux or Windows desktops and applications from any device, including PCoIP Zero Clients, thin clients, laptops, PCs, and Chromebooks.

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Streamline management of virtual machines from a centralized location and eliminate the need to ship computers or data to remote employees.

Connect and work on the same remote desktop at any time, from anywhere and using any device. Enable BYOD – permit employees to connect to their desktop using their preferred device.

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Keep classroom, exam content and student data secure, confidential, and up-to-date. Only pixels are transmitted between the host environment and user devices.

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Avoid large staffing and equipment investments, security and scalability challenges associated with complicated on-premises VDI solutions. Cloud Access Software offers a light-weight, cloud-agnostic stack that is flexible and highly secure.

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Protect valuable IP, accommodate for geographically dispersed teams, enable flexible staffing, eliminate expensive onsite hardware and get higher security and the same user experience as local workstations.

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Turn existing applications and software into SaaS offerings hosted in the cloud without expensive re-writes, and protect enterprise IP through centralized delivery where data never leaves the data center or cloud.

Freedom to Choose

Cloud Access Software supports any mix of private or public cloud environments, Windows or Linux virtual desktops and GPU or non-GPU based infrastructure.

amazon web services
microsoft azure
google cloud
linux kvm

What our customers are saying


Enhances collaboration

Co-locate data, compute and graphics in any data center or public cloud, enabling flexible access from anywhere and improving user productivity.

Secures data

Data never leaves the host environment as the PCoIP protocol compresses and encrypts the desktop and only transfers pixels to endpoints.

Streamlines management

Simplify deployment management - automatically provision remote workstations, manage cloud compute costs and entitle secure PCoIP connections to remote Windows or Linux workstations, all from a single console.

Supports multicloud environments

Create virtual environments on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or your own on-premise infrastructure. Deploy and manage entitlements from any combination of public or private data centers.

Enables migration of applications and workloads without costly rewrites

“Lift & Shift” your existing applications and workloads to a centralized environment, save the cost of re-writing applications for the cloud and transform them into cloud-enabled applications.


Built on trusted PCoIP technology

PCoIP technology is used by millions of users across many industries, including Media & Entertainment, Design Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, and Oil & Gas.

Immersive, feature-rich experience

Enables a highly-responsive remote desktop experience with color-accurate, lossless and distortion-free graphics.

Supports hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Cloud Access Software is supported on any cloud, data center or hybrid host environment to meet the needs of your business.

Designed for Windows and Linux environments

Deliver Windows or Linux applications to any endpoint, anywhere.

Enable secure user entitlements by brokering PCoIP connections with multi-factor authentication and alleviate any need for users to remember machine names or IP addresses

  • Improve administrative efficiency and minimize manual tasks by automatically provisioning Linux or Windows remote workstations
  • Scale with your business and align OPEX with business demands by effortlessly scaling resources up or down
  • Manage cloud consumption and optimize costs by automatically turning off unused workstations
  • Broker secure connections With multi-factor authentication and alleviate any need for users to remember machine names or IP addresses
  • True multicloud support across public, private or hybrid cloud environments, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and on-premises data centers


Supported operating systems Windows
Windows 10 64-bit
Windows Server 2016, 2019
(Single User Session)
.NET 4.5
RHEL 7.7, 7.8
CentOS 7.7, 7.8
Ubuntu LTS 16.04
Ubuntu LTS 18.04
Public cloud compatibility AWS, including EC2 G2, G3, G4 and Elastic GPUs
Microsoft Azure, including NV-series
Google Cloud
Refer to product documentation for latest compatibility
Data center compatibility Windows or Linux deployments on KVM or ESXi 6.0+ (VMware Horizon is not required)
Windows and Linux non-virtualized deployments
Nutanix AHV
Compatible clients Teradici PCoIP Software and Mobile Clients
PCoIP Zero Clients
Max display resolution Up to 4 monitors at up to 4K UHD resolution
GPU compatibility for Graphics Edition NVIDIA (refer to product documentation for versions and GPUs)
Cloud Access License options (Non-GPU workloads) Cloud License Server
TCA01YP Cloud Access – 1Y 1User
TCA03YP Cloud Access – 3Y 1User
License Server
TCA01YP-LS Cloud Access – 1Y 1User - License Server
TCA03YP-LS Cloud Access – 3Y 1User - License Server
Cloud Access Plus license options (GPU-accelerated workloads) Cloud License Server
TCAP01YP Cloud Access Plus – 1Y 1User
TCAP03YP Cloud Access Plus – 3Y 1User 
License Server
TCAP01YP-LS Cloud Access Plus – 1Y 1User - License Server
TCAP03YP-LS Cloud Access Plus – 3Y 1User - License Server
Upgrade from Cloud Access to Cloud Access Plus Cloud License Server
TCAS01YP-UPG Upgrade Cloud Access to Cloud Access Plus – 1Y 1 User
TCAS03YP-UPG Upgrade Cloud Access to Cloud Access Plus – 3Y 1 User
License Server
TCAS01YP-UPG-LS Upgrade Cloud Access to Cloud Access Plus – 1Y 1 User License Server
TCAS03YP-UPG-LS Upgrade Cloud Access to Cloud Access Plus – 3Y 1 User License Server
 Additional licensing options available, contact Teradici sales for details. A minimum order quantity of 5 applies to each licensing option.


User entitlement AWS
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
On-premises (including PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards)
Power management Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Provided operating system templates

Windows Server 2016
Linux RHEL 7.x

Supported browsers for the management interface


Both Editions support Windows and Linux platforms:

  • Compatible with Windows Client OS (Windows 7, 10) and Server OS (Server 2016 and 2008 R2)
  • Linux RHEL7, CentOS 7.2 and Ubuntu LTS 16.04

Graphics Edition supports GPU-accelerated cloud workloads for graphics-intensive applications for industries like: Media & Entertainment, Aerospace, Automobile, and Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

Standard Edition is for migrating non-graphics desktops, workloads and applications (mainstream and core business apps and solutions) to the cloud

Both editions are compatible with a broad range of PCoIP compatible end points, including PCoIP Zero clients.

Contact us for the trial here. 

If you have purchased a subscription, Teradici provides customers with defined service levels and 24x7 support for severity 1 issues.  It also includes access to updates and upgrades for the product. For complete details see www.teradici.com/support/terms-and-conditions.

If you are using a trial version of our products, the Teradici Community Forum is available to find answers to common questions, have conversations with other IT professionals to learn how they resolved issues, and participate in peer group discussion.

Teradici also provides an extensive knowledge base where customers can search for relevant articles for troubleshooting, and deployment and management tips.


Cloud Access Software is now offered as part of our All Access plans, see our Pricing page for more information.

Cloud Access Software is now offered in our All Access plans. Contact our sales team or find a Reseller to purchase a plan.

Cloud Access Software is supported on AWS (including EC2/G2/G3), Microsoft Azure (including NV-series), Google Cloud Platform (coming soon).

PCoIP Zero Clients, Teradici Software Clients for Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, PCoIP Mobile Clients for iOS and Android tablets.

Cloud Access Software supports up to 4 monitors, at resolution of up to 4k UHD. (Please refer to Teradici Tech Support for the latest Administrator’s Guide).

Refer to the latest PCoIP Session Planning Guide on Teradici Tech Support.

To simplify scaling, provisioning and brokering of PCoIP connections between users and resources you will likely require a connection broker. We recommend to use our broker partner solutions that are part of the Teradici Technology Partner Program, including Leostream.

The Cloud Access Manager is currently in Technical Preview and available as part of the Cloud Access and Cloud Access Plus subscription plans. See the pricing of these plans here.

Yes, Cloud Access Manager is a SaaS solution with a small component of minimal footprint that resides in your cloud subscription. Cloud Access Manager is a comprehensive solution for managing remote workstations in your infrastructure, bringing the best in performance, security, visibility, and control with minimal complexity.

Your remote workstations are resident in your own enterprise cloud subscription but are managed and brokered by Cloud Access Manager.  By keeping the remote workstations in your own subscription, you maintain full flexibility in machine configuration and get to control of key security aspects such as network connectivity and security groups.  This ensures you have ultimate cost control and cost visibility through both Cloud Access Manager and your enterprise cloud management portal.

Lightweight gateway and server components, called the Cloud Access Connector, are deployed in your subscription to provide the best-case flexibility, performance, and security. Cloud Access Manager has no access to customer data - this data flows through servers in your subscription and not through the Cloud Access Connector. These server components contain no persistent data and can be simply deleted and re-deployed when needed. Cloud Access Manager configuration data is kept in a Key Vault and storage account in your subscription.

Currently, Cloud Access Manager provides administrators with information on remote workstation user allocations,information on the current power state of the remote workstations to help you manage costs anda system health check on the Cloud Access Manager Service API's and Domain Controller.

Cloud Access Software is available for
Windows and Linux environments