Uncompromised Remote Access for Manufacturing

Teradici PCoIP Workstation Access Software can help improve workflow efficiency, increase productivity and create a more comfortable environment for your workforce. And, IT departments benefit from an easy-to-deploy solution that enables remote access to workstations whether they are located on-premise or in the cloud.


Seamless Productivity

PCoIP Workstation Access Software can ensure teams are productive from any location. Workstation users can easily access their applications and data from anywhere - whether they are working within the plant, away from their desk, at an off-site meeting or from home. The software is highly responsive and is based on the leading PCoIP protocol to ensure the best possible user experience under any network conditions.

Simplified IT Management

Realize dramatic time and cost savings while giving your mobile workstation users the remote access they need. Our PCoIP Workstation Access Software requires minimal IT support and does not require any network architecture changes or IT training.

Secure Connections

Given the competitive nature of the manufacturing and product design industry, companies are under pressure to get products to market faster, while protecting proprietary product information and designs. Our PCoIP Workstation Access Software transfers pixels, not data and all transmissions are encrypted and authenticated while delivering an outstanding remote user experience.



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Case Studies


Use Case Supported

Cloud or Data Center deployment offers an efficient and scalable solution

  • Compatible with Amazon Web Services EC2 G2 to benefit from infrastructure-as-a-service (easily scale in and out), as well as data center deployed on VMware® vSphere®.
  • PCoIP Workstation Access Software can be accessed with direct connect or brokered through LeostreamTM Connection Broker 8.1 or later.

Deskside* deployment is easy to install, configure and manage

  • Within minutes, install the software on the workstation under the desk without any IT training required, network architecture changes, or setup of a third party broker.

* Deskside refers to a workstation situated under the user’s desk with local monitor(s) directly attached to it

Solution Briefs


  • “…remote users are happy with the Remote Workstation Solution with true zero clients. Management is happy we no longer have to rely on a single-vendor (OEM) solution.”

    Dr. Stefan Graswald,
    Director, Engineering Systems,
    MTU Aero Engines AG

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  • hatco logo

    “We can give our employees encrypted and secure access to our servers and workstations in a way that is very versatile and flexible for our business.”

    Aaron Bolthouse,
    Manager – IT Infrastructure,
    Hatco Corporation

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  • hi-tek mfg logo

    “PCoIP Workstation Access Software…being able to consider remote candidates (new talent) will give us a competitive edge while keeping our operating costs low.”

    Paul Meredith, IT Manager
    Hi-Tek Manufacturing

  • “…massive spreadsheets open instantly just as if they were in the same physical building with the central data center and storage arrays. Employees are thrilled....”

    Network Engineer,
    Fortune 500 Energy and Utilities Company

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