Upcoming Events

aws-symposium-2019-teradici AWS M&E Symposium + Media Workshops June 18, 2019 - Los Angeles Registration is now open for AWS’s biggest media & entertainment event of the year! Hear from companies of all sizes about how they are utilizing AWS services to increase agility, accelerate innovation, and perfect the customer experience for media & entertainment applications. Learn how Teradici Cloud Access Software with PCoIP Ultra works hand-in-hand with AWS solutions to enable studios in the cloud. Request a meeting
ISC Performance 2019 Teradici ISC High Performance 2019 June 16-20, 2019 - Frankfurt Immerse yourself in the eco-system of high-performance computing (HPC), networking and storage. ISC High Performance 2019 will bring together leading researchers and exhibitors developing the technologies that advance scientific research and commercial applications. Participate in workshops, tutorials, or request a meeting with Teradici to learn how Cloud Access Software can enable secure remote access to virtual workstations in the cloud. Request a meeting
detroit-cloud-engineering Cloud Workstation: Agile and Innovative Engineering June 24, 2019 - Detroit Those in automotive and manufacturing have a unique opportunity to learn how cloud computing is best applied and practiced. The cloud can enable more efficient, cost-effective processes, broader collaboration, and manage complex workloads. So join us as we discuss this topic in depth, share tangible tips and hands-on reports from the field. Register
siggraph-2019 SIGGRAPH July 28 - August 1, 2019 - Los Angeles If you’re a CG or VFX professional, you may be well aware of this event and its reputation for being THE place for the latest in visual effects, animation technology, VR, and more. We are often asked how such complex graphics and animation can be done in the cloud – so we’ll be answering that in the Microsoft Booth with a demo on our PCoIP Ultra enhancements and Cloud Access Software. Request a meeting
DoDIIS 2019 2019 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference August 18-21, 2019 - Tampa Hosted annually by the Defense Intelligence Agency’s CIO, this Conference will bring together experts from government, military, industry, and academia to tackle IT challenges. Teradici will be partnering with Carahsoft and NCS Technologies to demonstrate how secure remote access to virtual workstations via Cloud Access Software can solve many security and IT issues. Request a meeting
VMworld 2019 VMworld 2019 August 25-29, 2019 - San Francisco Gain valuable insight on virtualization technologies and cloud computing with an event wholly dedicated to just those topics. With growing interest in hybrid and multicloud infrastructure, meet with Teradici on-site to learn how you can make that possible for your organization without adding complexity. Cloud Access Software with PCoIP Ultra technology is like no other solution when it comes to simplifying your IT process and securing your data. Request a meeting