Open Source & third-party components in Teradici products

General Public License Source Code Downloads
Standard/Graphics/Multi-Session Agent for Windows
Standard/Graphics Agent for Linux
Connection Manager
Security Gateway
RDWA Adaptor
PCoIP Firmware
PCoIP Management Console
Teradici Software Clients and Client SDKs for Windows and OS X
Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation Solution

PCoIP Management Console 1.x

Component License Link
GNU/Linux system Custom License
OpenSLP BSD-Style License
OpenSSL Custom License
OpenSSH BSD-Style License
PostgreSQL BSD-Style License
PHP BSD-Style License
Apache Apache Style
ODBC driver for PostgreSQL LGPL
PostgreSQL module for Python Custom License
ProFTPd BSD-Style License
QPHP Custom License

PCoIP Management Console 2.x or 3.x

Component Name License Link
CentOS GNU/Linux System Custom
OpenSSL Custom
OpenSSH BSD-Style with other custom bits attached
PostgreSQL BSD-Style
Spring Framework Apache 2.0
Hibernate ORM LGPL 2.1
Atmosphere Framework CDDL and Apache 2.0
Grails Apache 2.0
Jetty Apache 2.0
Joda-Time Apache 2.0
Jackson Apache 2.0
UrlRewriteFilter BSD
Commons HttpClient Apache 2.0
dnsjava BSD
Bouncy Castle Java APIs MIT-like
Google Guava Apache 2.0
log4j Apache 2.0
Grails Postgresql Extensions Apache 2.0
Jadira Usertype Apache 2.0
The Cache Plugin Apache 2.0
WebXmlConfig Apache 2.0
Spring Security Core Apache 2.0
package com.burtbeckwith.grails.jpa Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Twitter Bootstrap Apache 2.0
Datepicker for Bootstrap Apache 2.0
jQuery UI jQuery
SelectBoxIt MIT
Backbone Custom (BSD-like)
Handlebars Custom (BSD-like)
jQuery jQuery
JSON2 Public Domain
LESS - Leaner CSS Apache 2.0
lodash MIT
Modernizr MIT
RequireJS BSD
Sinon.JS BSD
backbone.layoutmanager MIT
zlib.js MIT
jQuery-Migrate jQuery
jQuery Cookie Plugin MIT
jQuery-dateFormat MIT
jquery.event.drag MIT
jQuery File Upload Plugin MIT MIT
jStorage Public Domain (Unlicense)
Moment MIT
Moment Timezone MIT
SlickGrid MIT
tabSlideOut Public Domain (no license identified in source or documentation)
Google Protocol Buffers BSD
protobuf-java-format BSD
One-JAR Custom (BSD-like)
Apache Commons DBCP Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Codec Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Logging Apache 2.0
Simple Logging Facade for Java MIT
Apache Commons Lang Apache 2.0
Apache Commons IO Apache 2.0
Google HTTP Client Library for Java Apache 2.0
Gson Apache 2.0
JOpt Simple MIT
log4j rolling appender Apache 2.0

Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation Solution

Component License Link
Murmur Hash MIT License
FreeRDP Apache License
zlib zLib License
Lib IDN LGPL 2.1
Open SSL Open SSL
Boost Boost License
protobuf-c BSD License
xrandr BSD License
input-wacom GPLv2
wxFormBuilder GPLv2
wxWidgets wxWindows Library License (L-GPL)
wxAdditions wxWindows Library License (L-GPL)
wxPropertyGrid wxWindows Library License (L-GPL)