Open Source & third-party components in Teradici products

General Public License Source Code Downloads
PCoIP Agents for Windows - 20.01, 19.11 and earlier
PCoIP Agents for Linux - 20.01, 19.11 and earlier
Connection Manager
Security Gateway
RDWA Adaptor
PCoIP Firmware
PCoIP Management Console 20.01
PCoIP Management Console 2.x or 3.x
PCoIP Management Console 1.x
Teradici Software Clients and Client SDKs - 20.01, 19.11 and earlier | 20.01, 19.11 and earlier | 20.01, 19.11 and earlier
Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation Solution

PCoIP Management Console 1.x

Component License Link
GNU/Linux system Custom License
OpenSLP BSD-Style License
OpenSSL Custom License
OpenSSH BSD-Style License
PostgreSQL BSD-Style License
PHP BSD-Style License
Apache Apache Style
ODBC driver for PostgreSQL LGPL
PostgreSQL module for Python Custom License
ProFTPd BSD-Style License
QPHP Custom License

Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation Solution

Component License Link
Murmur Hash MIT License
FreeRDP Apache License
zlib zLib License
Lib IDN LGPL 2.1
Open SSL Open SSL
Boost Boost License
protobuf-c BSD License
xrandr BSD License
input-wacom GPLv2
wxFormBuilder GPLv2
wxWidgets wxWindows Library License (L-GPL)
wxAdditions wxWindows Library License (L-GPL)
wxPropertyGrid wxWindows Library License (L-GPL)