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What's New in this Release

PCoIP Management Console version 23.08 is a release with new features, and security updates over release 23.06.

RPM upgrades may require new certificates uploaded to your endpoints

Before an in-place RPM upgrade to Management Console 23.08, and if you are not using custom certificates, you must upload the new Management Console certificate to your endpoints. For the new Management Console certificate SHA-256 & SHA-512 values, see the release notes.

For instructions on how to upload your certificate see Updating PCoIP Management Console Certificates after Endpoint Discovery

Prior to upgrading Management Console you can:

  • Clear the management state on all your endpoints before the upgrade and rediscover them after the upgrade.

  • Ensure that the new certificate is uploaded to your endpoints before you upgrade to Management Console 23.08.

Information on previous releases

For features and release details associated with previous releases of the PCoIP Management Console, consult the PCoIP Management Console Life Cycle Table.

New Features and Changes

  • Added support for TLSv1.3

  • Updated the default self-signed certificate